Volunteers: EE3 Information


NEW volunteers need to have the Archdiocese-required "Essential Three" on file before volunteering: 1) a criminal background check ($23.00 processing fee), 2) a signed code of conduct for volunteers, and 3) a three-hour, in-person VIRTUS training session (anywhere in the archdiocese; we host VIRTUS training a few times a year at St. Michael Catholic Church). To complete your background check, sign your code of conduct, and sign up for an upcoming VIRTUS training session:

  1. Go to virtusonline.org and click "Registration," then click "Begin registration process." 
  2. Select "St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN (Archdiocese)" from the dropdown menu and click "select."
  3. Create a User ID and Password.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the background check forms and Code of Conduct. Be sure to select "St. Michael Catholic School (St. Michael)" as your Primary Location. If you volunteer at St. Michael Catholic Church, St. Albert, or another Catholic organization, feel free to add them as additional locations.
  5. Once these items are completed, you should be able to sign up for a VIRTUS class in the area.
  6. Return your completed 123 Informed Consent form to the school office with your $23.00 payment.
  7. School staff will let you know when you are cleared to volunteer!

For more detailed instructions or if you have any trouble, please contact Barb Jesser at bjesser@stmcatholicschool.org or 763-497-3887 ext. 400.


PAST volunteers who have already completed the "Essential Three" are now required to renew these three items every three years. VIRTUS recertification involves watching an online video (20-30 minutes) and taking a simple quiz. It does not require retaking the three-hour, in-person course. 

Go to https://www.virtusonline.org/ and log in with your original User ID and password. If you do not remember your User ID or cannot retrieve your password, contact Barb Jesser at bjesser@stmcatholicschool.org or 763-497-3887 ext. 400. She can help you retrieve or reset your account information.

  • Once you are logged in, click the Toolbox tab.
  • You should see three links highlighted in yellow: Background Check, Code of Conduct, and Keeping the Promise Alive (the VIRTUS recertification video). Click each link and complete each item.
  • You should also take this opportunity to update your account information. If you completed your VIRTUS training as a volunteer for another parish, please change your Primary Location to "St. Michael Catholic School (St. Michael).