Volunteers: EE3 Information



Any new volunteer who works with children, teens, or vulnerable adults needs to have the Archdiocese-required Volunteer Application & Information Form and the “Essential Three” on file before volunteering: 

  • First: Print and complete the Volunteer Application and Information Form. It will need to be submitted to the school office. The form can be found here: VFORM 1 Application & Release
  • Second: Complete a criminal background check
    • Most paperwork is completed and signed online.
    • For first-time background checks only, Form 123B must be printed, signed, and turned in to the school office.
    • Submit payment ($23) to cover the cost of the background check to the school office.
  • Third: Watch the online code of conduct video, complete the online mandatory reporting training, and electronically sign and date the online code of conduct for adult volunteers.
  • Fourth: Attend a three-hour, in-person VIRTUS training session (anywhere in the Archdiocese; St. Michael Catholic Church hosts VIRTUS training a few times a year).

Step-by Step instructions for new volunteers to complete the “Essential Three” can be viewed or printed by following the link below. Please contact Barb with any questions or concerns bjesser@stmcatholicschool.org or 763-497-3887, ext. 400.




Past volunteers who have already completed the “Essential Three” are now required to renew these items every three years. VIRTUS recertification involves watching an online video (20-30 minutes) and taking a simple quiz. It does not require retaking the three-hour, in-person course. You can complete your background recheck paperwork online as well. You will be asked to watch a new code of conduct video and complete a mandatory reporter training presentation in addition to signing the new code of conduct online.

To renew your “Essential Three” requirements as a current or past volunteer, follow the instructions below. More complete, step-by-step renewal instructions are available here to view or print.

  • Go to https://www.virtusonline.org/ and log in with your original User ID and password. If you do not remember your User ID or cannot retrieve your password, contact Barb at 763-497-3887, ext. 400 or bjesser@stmcatholicschool.org -- she can help you retrieve or reset your account information.
  • Once you are logged in, click the Toolbox tab.
  • You should see several links highlighted in yellow. Click each link and complete each item.
  • Please take this opportunity to update your account information. If you completed your VIRTUS training as a volunteer for another parish or school, please change your Primary Location to “St. Michael Catholic School, St. Michael” to ensure that your background check is processed correctly.
  • Remember to submit your background re-check processing fee of $12 to school.