Principal's Perspective

Welcome to the "Principal's Perspective"

The StMCS staff and I are excited for the 2017-18 school year! We look forward to sharing even more joy and building greater bonds by learning and growing in faith together. Addressing objectives within our school strategic plan, we have created some enrichment programs and have added some advanced level math courses to Grades 7 and 8. 

Our growth continues to be a blessing although it does mean we have waiting lists in some grades and limited openings. We have 247 families with over 400 students enrolled!

If you are a prospective family with school age children, please call our office to learn about openings. If you have a toddler and are considering kindergarten enrollment, call early!  We have kindergarten class lists started for each year through 2019!

Thank you students, parents and staff for sharing our mission:

"Living for Christ and Learning for Life".

Growing in holiness and academics is an awesome call! Let's share with others, the joy we find in Him, here each day!


Mrs. Haller