LEAP at St. Michael Catholic School

St. Michael Catholic School has a long history of providing enriching opportunities across the grades through our faith-based learning experiences and core classes. Many of our offerings go above and beyond the norm and aim to stretch student thinking and expand learning. As an accredited, mission-driven school, we seek to continuously improve options for all students to strengthen commitment to holiness and academic excellence.

Thus, we are very excited to be streamlining and expanding our enrichment opportunities this year. In an effort to unify a wide variety of offerings and add new components, we have established a program called “LEAP” Learning through Enrichment andAcademic Preparation. LEAP components may be integral pieces of the daily learning experience or carefully planned extensions during or after the school day. All LEAP components aim to develop the whole child, emphasize academic excellence, and foster a love of learning to bring out the best in every student. Experiences span the grades and content areas and many serve to enhance our Catholic faith via the setting and/or the content. Some experiences are designed for all, others for many, and still others for some or a few, based on interest or achievement. The goal is to meet each student at their level and optimize growth. The chart below shows the wide variety of enrichment programs and opportunities.

Enrichment Coordinator

Mrs. Heidi Gallus, full-time enrichment coordinator, is an experienced educator having taught preschool to middle level and was most recently one of our 4th grade teachers. She coordinates all aspects of the LEAP Program. Trained in S.M.A.R.T. (Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Readiness Training), Mrs. Gallus teaches our new K-1 LEAP classes using a developmental instructional approach that takes advantage of current brain research. She teams with teachers to assist in meeting the needs of all learners within the classroom through differentiation, and she coordinates after school program offerings. With a coordinator in place, we’re confident that the good things in place will only get better and opportunities will expand.