FAQ's About StMCS

What are the school hours?
The school office is open 7:00 am - 3:00 pm  Monday-Friday during the school year.

The student day is 7:35 am - 2:00 pm.


Do you have openings for 2018-19? 

Yes, we do have limited openings in grades K-8.

Is financial assistance available for tuition?

Yes, we have a scholarship fund.  StMCS uses an outside vendor, FAIR, to review all applications and determine financial need.  Our parish business administrator awards scholarships based on recommended need and funds available.  Applications for scholarships are required each year and are due the first week of June.  Scholarships are awarded annually by mid-July.  Please contact the parish business administrator or the school office to receive more information. 

Financial assistance may also be granted at any time during the year – it is not restricted by the June  FAIR date.  Individual arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.  Those in need must contact our parish business administrator.

 What is your class size? 

Our average class size is 22.


Is there a dress code or uniform policy?
Yes, we have a dress code.  Please view the attached dress code procedure. Updated 04/06/18  StMCS_Dress_Code_2017-18_.pdf


Do students attend Mass?
Yes, students attend Mass once each week, generally on Friday at 7:45 am.  Weekly school Mass is moved to the accommodate Holy days of obligation during the school year.


How do you incorporate the Catholic faith in your school? 

Along with weekly Mass, religion class is part of our daily curriculum.  Prayer is woven throughout the day.  Classrooms begin and end their day in prayer and always pray before meals.  Discussions and celebrations of the liturgical seasons and lives of the saints are incorporated throughout the year.  Opportunities for reconciliation are provided during Advent and Lent for all students who have received that sacrament.  Preparation and instruction is provided in second grade for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and for Confirmation in eighth grade.

Does your school have bus transportation? 

Busing is available for students residing in the STMA district boundaries.

Does your school offer child care? 

StMCS Kids Club is an after school childcare program available M-F 2:00-6:00 pm for students in grades K-4.  Kids Club is also open on non-school days and during the summer.  Kids Club

Students in grades 4-8 may attend homework club after school. 


What special courses does StMCS offer? 

StMCS offers full-time instructors in all classes for music, physical education, computer/media and Spanish.  Students attend these classes with specialists on  a 6-day rotation cycle.  We also have a school library which is open to all students.  Each class visits the library once during a six-day rotation although students may exchange books more often if they wish.

StMCS has a reading specialist on staff.  The reading specialist coordinate all formal reading assessments, partner with classroom teachers to ensure the best reading instruction for all students, and provide intervention for students not meeting benchmark standards.

LEAP Class is for all students in kindergarten and first grade. Students are actively participate in activities that will develop and/or enhance visual perception, eye-hand coordination, auditory skills, and large and fine muscle skills, all necessary tools for learning to read and achieving academic success. It combines movement with literacy, numeracy, and basic Spanish vocabulary. This class builds the foundational skills needed for Physical Education and Spanish in future grades. 

After School Opportunities  Some students want an extra challenge or want to explore an area of great interest. The opportunities span across many content areas, and we provide in-house programs as well as partner with outside companies. All opportunities are offered right here at St. Michael Catholic School. See the “Enrichment” tab for specific programs.

What is a 6-day cycle?
All specialists’ schedules are built on a 6-day cycle versus a Monday through Friday schedule.  A 6-day cycle means that each day is numbered 1-6 and repeats after day 6.  Students have certain specials on each numbered day.  This allows for students to see specialists more often and for longer periods of time (e.g. Phy. Ed. and Music may be on days 1,3,5 for a particular grade so one week that means Monday/Wednesday/Friday and the next week would be Tuesday/Thursday).

Do parents have the opportunity to view their child’s grades online?

Yes, StMCS has a parent portal called “Educate”.  After signing an Acceptable Use Policy, parents are given a password to access and view their child’s grades and lunch account balance.  Discipline incidents are also recorded on this portal system.  Parents have the ability to update their contact information through the portal. 


How can I become involved in my child’s school?

Parents are both welcome and encouraged to volunteer within our school!  We need help during school hours with day-to-day tasks as well as outside of school with events and fundraisers.  During the school day, you may help in the classroom, the volunteer/work room and at lunch/recess on a regularly scheduled basis or occasionally.   Chaperoning field trips is a favorite way for parents to be involved in their child’s education.  We have a volunteer coordinator who schedules the workroom, lunchroom and playground volunteers. 

In addition to volunteering for daily school needs, all families are expected to fulfill two time commitments each year  to support our school community.  More information about these commitments is available from our Home and School Association officers as they coordinate all fundraising and social events. 

For the safety of our children, all volunteers must complete a criminal background check, attend a VIRTUS training, and sign a code of conduct. 

What fundraisers does StMCS host each year?

StMCS participates in the following fundraisers: Marathon, SCRIP  and Bids for Kids.

Each family is expected to raise $375 for our Marathon each year.  The Marathon is a walking/running event, that is part of the Annual Minnesota Marathon for Non-Public Education.  Pledges collected from family and friends are tax-deductible, and 100% of the donations go to our school.